Tranquilli Forni




<p>Since 1982 Tranquilli Forni Company is specialized in the firewood ovens production; young and dynamic, it presents itself to the Customers with enthusiasm and innovation. Tranquilli Forni Company can satisfy every need for large and small spaces, supplying Customers with a very competitive product as for quality and versatility, thanks to its wide rage of models, all of them completely<br />manufactured inside its factory. More than 20 years experience witnesses the endless engagement and growth of a Company projected towards a constant expansion on the Italian and International market.</p>
<p><span style="color: #42c53a;">THE FIREWOOD OVENS</span></p>
<p>The oven represents the fundamental element of the Italian cuisine, in fact it is where pizza, bread, focaccia and roasts are prepared.</p>
<p>This is why Tranquilli Forni , located in Ostra (Ancona) in the centre of Italy, produces high quality wood red ovens  that allow all food lovers to cook and savour good dishes. We pay great attention to innovation and to research in order to offer always up-to-date products. Our ovens are easy to use and can be handled also by grandmothers used to the old ovens.</p>
<p>We produce both outside and boxed ovens, which respect the traditional way of cooking, but bear higly innovative technical features: the baking chamber is made of 304 inox steel and ecological refractory material, this allows a better radiation of the heat and a better uniformity in the cooking. The combustion chamber has been conceived with the intention of avoiding any contact with smoke or ashes and allows to reach high temperature with less wood.</p>
<p>If you need also some help in working flour and water into dough, we can offer you one of our kneading machines, with which you won’t make any effort. If you are a mixed grill lover you may like one of our barbecue, perfect for a garden party with all the family or friends.</p>
<p>Get ready for the Summer! Imagine yourself and your loved ones dining happily in the garden with the help of one of our ovens or barbecues.</p>